Meet our Pioneers

Artificial Intelligence: Adam Cheyer


Adam Cheyer was a Founder and VP Eng of Siri Inc., and, after Apple acquired the company, a Director of Engineering in Apple’s iOS group. Adam was also a a member of the founding team at (175M+ users), and a Founder of Sentient Technologies (massive compute infrastructure for machine learning). Adam is currently designing a next generation artificial intelligence system, called "Viv: The Global Brain", as co-founder and VP Engineering of Viv Labs, Inc.


Bionic Exoskeletons: Nathan Harding


Mr. Harding is the co-founder of Ekso Bionics and has served as the Chief Executive Officer since November 2012. From 2005 to 2012, Mr. Harding served in various positions including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Project Officer. He is also a co-inventor of the Company's core exoskeleton technology. Prior to his work at Ekso Bionics, Mr. Harding worked as a Mechanical Engineer at Carnegie Mellon's Field Robotics Center from 1989 to 1990, and Redzone Robotics in 1991. Mr. Harding holds ten U.S. patents and has another eight pending. Mr. Harding received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and his master's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.


Flying Submarine: Graham Hawkes

Graham Hawkes

World renowned engineer, Graham Hawkes, created the Deep Flight series of winged submersibles. The first winged submersible was unveiled by Hawkes Ocean Technologies (HOT) in the late 1990s. Prior to beginning the Deep Flight project, Graham Hawkes designed the Deep Rover submersibles that were featured in James Cameron's 3D IMAX film, "Aliens of the Deep". Previously, Graham designed a significant percentage of the manned and unmanned vehicles used by science and industry, including the WASP and MANTIS Atmospheric Diving Suits, and many of the Remotely Operated Vehicles originally built by Deep Ocean Engineering. As late as 2007, he held the world solo dive record of 3,000 feet (910 m)in the submarine Deep Rover. Graham also enjoyed playing a super-villain in the James Bond movie, "For Your Eyes Only".


Drone Photography: Tom Gruber

drone photography

Tom Gruber is a researcher, designer, and serial entrepreneur, with a focus on technology to augment human intelligence. He was cofounder, CTO and VP Design for Siri, which created the first intelligent assistant for everyone. His research at Stanford in Artificial Intelligence, particularly ontology engineering, helped lay the groundwork for semantic information sharing and the Semantic Web. He invented HyperMail, the widely used open-source application that turns email conversations into collective memories on the Web. He was founder and CTO of Intraspect Software, which pioneered the space of Collaborative Knowledge Management – software that helps large communities of professionals contribute to and learn from a collective body of knowledge. He designed and built, a popular collective knowledge system where travelers from around the world share their experiences. Tom has been an avid photographer for many years.


Stratosphere Exploration: Alan Eustace


Alan Eustace was previously Senior Vice President at Google, in charge of Search and Knowledge. On October 14th 2014, he set the world record for the highest altitude free-fall jump from the stratosphere. As part of this, he reached a maximum altitude of 135,889 ft, and during the fall, went faster than the speed of sound, acheiving 822 miles per hour.


Augmented Reality: Ryan Pamplin

augmented reality

Ryan Pamplin is a VP and Chief Evangelist at Meta. Ryan's been waiting for AR to usher in the future of computing since he first got glasses at age 7. Prior to Meta, Ryan co-founded BrandAds which was acquired by the leader in TV advertising. The software is now used by nearly every Fortune 100. Previously, Ryan founded an award-winning creative agency best known for a 2013 Super Bowl ad.


Magic and Mentalism: Jay Alexander

magic and mentalism

Jay Alexander is a master magician, mentalist and comic and is one of the top corporate and society entertainers in the country. Some of his notable appearances include the Today Show, TEDx Talks, MTV, Good Morning America, and special performances for Robin Williams, the Rolling Stones and Apple founder Steve Wozniak.

At the age of fourteen, Jay was honored to be the youngest recipient of the Society of American Magicians Gold Medal of Honor. For over 25 years, Jay has pursued his passion of creating unique live entertainment by mystifying audiences young and old with miraculous effects of the mind and the hands.