About the XAC

The Xperience Adventure Club

The Xperience Adventure Club (XAC) is a members-only club that offers kids ages 8-16 the chance to go on exclusive adventures unlike any in the world. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our members receive hands-on interaction with the latest (and coolest) technologies, and are introduced to world-class inventors who are redefining their fields in scientific and creative areas. We believe that the best way to inspire a young scientist is to let them look into the eyes of passionate Pioneers who have re-imagined the world to be different and better, and then pursued their visions relentlessly, often across decades.



Membership in the Xperience Adventure Club is free! However, to become a member, you must propose a new adventure that can be offered to members. If our current membership approves of your adventure, you're in! Please contact us below with your proposed adventure.


Contact Us

Have an idea for an Adventure or want to introduce us to a Pioneer? Interested in applying for membership? Contact us at contact @ xperienceadventureclub.com...