The Greatest Adventures from the most Amazing World Changers

The XAC is a members-only club that offers kids ages 8-16 the chance to go on exclusive adventures unlike any in the world. In small groups, the Adventurers will receive hands-on interactions with Pioneers and Inventors who have reimagined their fields in a variety of scientific and creative areas. Here are just a few examples:

  • Learn about Artificial Intelligence, going inside the brain of Siri with a Founder and former Tech Lead of Apple's conversation-based Assistant.
  • Try on a bionic exoskeleton, a sort of real-world Iron Man suit, that gives "super powers" to military soldiers and to paralyzed patients.
  • Get behind the controls of the Deep Flight Super Falcon, a personal "spaceship" that flies beneath the oceans using avionics principles to guide it through barrel rolls, etc.
  • Try out the latest Drone Photography technology, guided by a team of experts who are redefining the field. Photo-robots will include multi-rotor aircraft, robotic trucks, and waterborne vehicles.
  • Discover what it feels like to fall from the edge of space and break the sound barrier on the way down, with nothing but a custom-built space suit between you and the elements.

Explore some of our adventures, and then apply for membership!