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Artificial Intelligence: Inside Siri


Go inside the brain of Siri with a Founder and former Tech Lead of Apple's conversation-based Assistant. In this 1 hour session, you will learn about how Siri works, explore the wide range of things that Siri can do for you, discover "easter eggs" that nobody else knows, and part with a small gift that is exclusive to select team members who work on Siri at Apple.


Bionic Exoskeletons: The Ironman Suit


In this adventure, you will go inside the labortories of Ekso Bionics, a company working on the US Government's "Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS" project, with the goal of creating a real-world Iron Man suit that gives "super powers" to military soldiers and to paralyzed patients. In the health care arena, the "wearable robots" not only enable paralyzed patients to walk (much better than a wheelchair), for stroke victims, the repetive "practice" of walking using the seat can actually remap brain cells and increase the patient's likelihood of walking again on their own. Our adventurers have had the opportunity to actually strap on a suit and see what the experience of wearing a bionic exoskeleton is like.


Flying Submarine: Deep Flight Super Falcon

deep flight submarine

Meet amazing Pioneer Graham Hawkes, who has invented a series of electric submersibles that use avionics principles underwater. Vessels like the Deep Flight Super Falcon have been designed to perform barrel rolls with dolphins and whales, and to be as nimble underwater as the largest creatures of the deep. Graham has also created autonomous underwater vehicles that can explore the furthest reaches of the ocean. Finally, Graham has taken his deep sea experience to the silver screen, playing a super-villain in the James Bond movie in "For Your Eyes Only".


Drone Photography

drone photography

In this adventure, we will meet a team of photographers who are redefining their art using advanced, camera-equipped mobile drones. All participants will get to fly a drone and see experts making them do amazing things. These are not your grand-dadís flying robots either, we will play with the latest technology in multi-rotor aircraft, robotic trucks, and waterborne vehicles. The visit will take place at the SF Bay salt flats, which should be a great setting for amazing pictures.

Explore the Stratosphere


The Xperience Aventure Club attended a special screening of the documentary "14 Minutes from Earth", and then participated in a Q & A session with Alan Eustace, the protagonist of the movie, a former Google Executive who broke the world record for the highest freefall dive from the stratosphere.

Augment your Reality

Augmented Reality

In this adventure, the XAC received a hands-on trial of an as-yet unreleased augmented reality headset from "Meta", and got to experience the latest AR applications under the guidance of Meta's Chief Evangelist and executive, Ryan Pamplin.

Master Mind Tricks

Magic and Mentalism

Master Magician and Mentalist Jay Alexander demonstrated for our group of adventurers how to read minds, control thoughts, and to make reality seem like some super-charged augmented reality. Everything was performed up-close and personal, and we left with a new understanding of the power of the human mind.